Waste Water Management

With increasing numbers worldwide living in urban centres, meeting people's water needs without harming the environment has become a more serious issue than ever. At Dextol Geophysicals, we understand water & wastewater operations. Drawing from the knowledge and expertise gained through the provision of safe drinking water and compliant wastewater treatment to our numerous clients, you can be rest assured that the health and wellbeing of your community and its citizens is crucial to our provision of these vital services.

Dextol Geophysicals provides a full range of solutions for both public and private sector clients, from the individual aspects of utility management to the provision of integrated water and wastewater services.

The Approach
At Dextol Geophysicals, our approach to water & wastewater systems is unique in the sense that your entire wastewater process is evaluated. A comprehensive evaluation of your system is performed including engineering aspects, equipment and chemistry. You can even pilot test your system before committing to full scale implementation.

The Process
You get the expertise of a broad network of experienced wastewater professionals, equipment manufacturers, and chemical suppliers, which we utilize to provide you with state of the art, cost effective wastewater treatment solutions that work. The wastewater optimization process involves exhaustively studying your current wastewater system or proposed system in a series of steps, including looking at processes occurring before your wastewater system is utilized. In this way weak steps or links are identified and optimized. This process is called wastewater optimization.

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