Dextol Geophysicals (parent company of Integrated Geological Services) is a company established based on the quest of providing services in the Earth and Mining Industry. Thereby providing solutions to various subsurface complexities and enhancing decision making for good earth resource management. This is the most reason why our choice slogan remains; “… your Subsurface Expert”.

Dextol Geophysicals is a leading provider of water drilling, treatment and geo-technical services. We can work with you to solve individual plant operations issues or provide entire water and wastewater collection systems with the full range of plant and system operation, maintenance and preventative maintenance, and analytical services.

Dextol Geophysicals is the one company with the breadth and diversity to understand and address all your water and wastewater treatment needs. From filtration and disinfection equipment to contract operations and analytical services, our water treatment technologies and services help protect and preserve the world’s most precious resource.

Our unrelenting dedication to quality and our commitment to providing unmatched service levels to our customers is shown in our continuous investments in new and advanced technologies, training and commitment to proper Health & Safety, Quality and Environment practices.

At Dextol Geophysicals, we understand water!! We are passionate about what we do and this translates into high-quality service delivery and support.

Our Competitive Edge
  • We have 10 years experience in Water and Wastewater Engineering.
  • We carry out projects on BOT and BOM (Build-Operate-Transfer and Build-Operate-Maintain) basis.
  • We are in tune with the current technology in the area of Water and Wastewater Technology.
Dextol Geophysicals (parent company of Integrated Geological Services)

We are your ideal earth resource experts