Who we are

We’re Constantly Improving Our Skills to Fulfill Projects

Dextol Geophysicals (parent company of Integrated Geological Services) is a company established based on the quest of providing services in the Earth and Mining Industry. Thereby providing solutions to various subsurface complexities and enhancing decision making for good earth resource management. This is the most reason why our choice slogan remains; “… your Subsurface Expert”.

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What We Do

Dextol Geophysicals is the one company with the breadth and diversity to understand and address all your water and wastewater treatment needs.
You can consult us today for the following services;


Borehole And Water Well Drilling

We drill and equip water wells for both domestic and commercial use. Our services cover the initial hydro-geological surveys to drilling to final installation.Learn more

Sustainable Energy

We advocate the use of energy-efficient water pumps and the use of solar and wind powered pumping systems, as they are energy efficient.Learn more

Waste Water Management

We provide a full range of solutions for both public and private sector clients, from the individual aspects of utility management to the provision of integrated water and wastewater services. Learn more

Dextol GeoPhysicals

we understand water!! We are passionate about what we do and this translates into high-quality service delivery and support.